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MSP to Fargo - Must Do Caches

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Howdy all!


I will have a very short stay in the MSP area in early November, and was thinking of driving up to Fargo (or Wahpeton or Fairmount) in order to grab a cache or two in MN and ND (I already have SD).


I am looking for a pretty direct route, with short diversions OK, and some "must do" caches along the way and in North Dakota.


My plan is I would land at MSP late morning, drive up to North Dakota, caching along the way, and then head back to M-SP area for dinner, with a departure the next morning.


Any suggestions for caches (and a good place for lunch and dinner) are greatly appreciated.

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That's a long dadgum drive -- you know that, right? :7)


I can't recommend specific caches, but I just want to point out the length of the driving since I know you're from New England and *cough* may not be used to such long trips.


- Will

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