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API Bug w/Trackable Retrieve Logs.


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Hi, for about the last 6-9 months (just noticed this morning), the TB logs for "Retrieved it from a Cache" have not been consistently providing the Latitude and Longitude in API Data. Since November, I've downloaded about 55 "Retrieve" logs and only 5 of them had coordiantes. Prior to Nov'15, they ALL were coming back with coordinates. As far as I can tell, Dropped and Visit logs still have all their Lat/Lon numbers intact...


Retrieve Log Data:

/GetTrackableLogsResponse/TrackableLogs/a:TrackableLog/a:LogType/a:WptLogTypeName Retrieve It from a Cache

/GetTrackableLogsResponse/TrackableLogs/a:TrackableLog/a:UpdatedLatitude/i:nil true


/GetTrackableLogsResponse/TrackableLogs/a:TrackableLog/a:UpdatedLongitude/i:nil true



Drop Log Data:

/GetTrackableLogsResponse/TrackableLogs/a:TrackableLog/a:LogType/a:WptLogTypeName Dropped Off

/GetTrackableLogsResponse/TrackableLogs/a:TrackableLog/a:UpdatedLatitude 35.02522

/GetTrackableLogsResponse/TrackableLogs/a:TrackableLog/a:UpdatedLongitude -85.5558


What will it take to have this looked into and fixed?





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