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hi there.


I just find out there will be a global TB race :) between 20th july and 20th August

I want to participate but i need to have a brand new TB in hand. However i dont have any.


I am in Hubbards Nova Scocia now.

Can you help me please to get at least one TB. So that i can be in this race?




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I can take a picture of a travel bug and its code that I have not activated yet, you can print it out and laminate it (this is what I do with my bugs so if they get lost I can just put them back into action) I can then send you the original tag. pretzallady is my name and you can message me on geocaching.com if you want to do it this way. My only question is does the TB have to be one of the 7 evil ducks or any TB?

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as i understand there two options.

the 7 evil ducks one option. (you can buy them and you dont need to make anything for them to adapt it to duck theme)

second option getting an unactivated TB and do something duck related :P (maybe a picture or maybe a keyholder etc) but you can use a normal TB for this race.

by the way i am so happy you answered and sending you a PM now.

thanks again.


if you are near Hubbards, next week i have a little meet and great event on saturday

would you like to join?




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