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Apple Watch App doesn't start

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Hi folks,


i cannot get the apple watch app to work, not even to start.


Is there a known bug/problem with the latest version, or someone may knows a workaround?


If the gc icon on the watch is tapped it shows geocaching with the loading animation and than the screen turns back. Un- and reinstalled this app several times, nothing changes.


Anybody else got this?


best regards,



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i have the same problem. If i want to open i have a black screen with the tekst geocaching and de progress sign but nothing happen after that.


Do i mis something?


best regards



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I have the same problem. The App starts and then nothings. I hope Groundspeak make some updates. I hope the App works in time.


Best regards.

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I am trying to get the app started, but it says I do not have permission to use my location. Of course my phone has permission to use my location, so why doesn't my app on my watch? I checked the settings....


Anyone have this problem and know what to do? Maybe I am just a n00b with the watch.....


Thank you in advance. Can't wait to go out and get some caches with it.

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