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SEND LATER function on logging a cache

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Hi can anyone tell me if the SEND LATER option will return when logging a cache


It was so much easier as I could log the caches as found and upload the finds when I got home using the wifi - it doesn't seem to be on there at the moment, This was a great function while doing loops as I'm on a pay as you go phone


Please put this function back on as its eating up my credit



Also is it possible to view a list in map mode as on the old app, another great function as I could see which direction to head for straight away while doing loops (could just be me not knowing how to use the new app properly yet)


Still getting my head round the new app, some things are good some need improvement, some need disabling (don't like the your nearly at the cache feature, if your gps is off you could be quite a way away)



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