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G.E.O.C.O.I.N.F.E.S.T. 2017 Where should it be?


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Geocoinfest (North America) is a geocoin related national mega event and was conceived in these forums in 2006 and went to Temecula, CA in 2007, it has since travel through Pittsburgh 2008, Salt Lake City 2009, Twin Cities, Minneapolis\St Paul 2010, Charlotte 2011, Denver 2012, Las Vegas 2013, Houston 2014, Omaha, NE 2017 and St Louis, MO this year. It's had the distinction of being the first mega event in 6 states!


And it is time to start thinking about where the event should move to in 2016 and beyond? If you want to host it, put together a team, a plan and a vision and then a bid...


Some things people need to think about:

* committee are usually made up of 4-5 cachers with at least one who knows the process of minting a geocoin

* attending a previous Geocoinfest is not essential but a plus

* this event(s) take time to pull together, at least 7 months

* the Geocoinfest is held in the fall typically on or around Columbus day weekend

* the city needs to have a major airport that is generally accessible

* city needs to have nearby attractions rather than just the coins and caches

* the event is similar to a trade show in that features not only geocoin vendors and designers but trackables, geocaching related swag and gear shops and many other aspects related to the geocaching hobby

* there needs to be ample hotels in the area

* Geocoinfest is typically an indoor event; the actual event site needs to hold a mega-sized crowd (500 people)

* vendors are not allowed to bid, this is a conflict of interest, however they are encouraged to support a bid with fundraising etc.

* you don't need to sink your own money into the event, but fundraising will be a part of it


Bids are due June 1st, 2016:

Bid process: Previous Geocoinfest hosts will receive each bid and vote on their merits under 10 criteria. There will be two finalists. This will be finished by August 1st. The winning bid will be announced at Geocoinfest 2016 in St Louis (with the winning leadership team notified in August). I have a more detailed cheat sheet of what to expect if anyone is interested, I also have past bid proposals that can help.


If you know your city would be good to host a mega event, post it here! And see if other cachers in your area concur!

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