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GoTo feature in Iphone app

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Just wondering if there's a goto feature in the Geo Iphone app

I have used a sumsung until recently with cgeo app which has this feature where you can type coordinates in & go to them but cant see any in the official geocaching app


Not sure if this matters or not but I am a premium member

There isn't a standalone function to do that, but you can create additional waypoints on a cache and then navigate to that. To do it:

  1. Bring up a cache listing
  2. Tap the "Waypoints" tab
  3. Tap the "+" beside "My Waypoints"
  4. Enter the desired coordinates and then tap "Add"
  5. The app will automatically start navigating to this new waypoint. You can tap "Geocache" at the bottom to switch back to navigating to the cache's coordinates. If you then want to navigate to the waypoint again, either tap it on the map or go back to the Waypoints tab in the listing and tap the navigation arrow on the waypoint.

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