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Laval K-9

Seeking donations for the Festival de la géopièce

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On Sunday April 10th, we are planning a Geocoin Festival in Deux-Montagnes not far from Montreal, Quebec. It's been almost 3 years since the last one so, I'm pretty sure a lot of geocachers will show up for the Event.


Our personal good friend Ao_qc is hosting the Event and as one of the organizers, I am seeking prize donations from this friendly community ;) Anything Geocaching related would be more than welcome since we would like to give away a few prizes among the participants.


If you are interested in making a donation, please contact me through my caching profile e-mail or just leave a message here in the forum and I'll get back to you.


Check out our link at: http://coord.info/GC6DG8G


Many thanks in advance :D

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Donation sent ... glad to help !!




Your donation is already on my desk Roy :lol: A big thanks to you too :anicute:

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send me an address :)


Thanks Ted for all the stuff you sent !!! :anicute:


Ooooppsss As I was reading the last posts I realized I said thanks to Ted by replying to Tim :blink:


So, to make things right, I received kini_ont's package and I thank Ted very much.


On the other hand I don't seem to have received TeamEccs21's package?


I am posting a picture of the stuff I received from kini_ont, nevadanick and Toojin. A big thanks to each one of them!


Tim, should you see something you sent in that bunch, just tell me B)



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