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How do I use the PQs feature on my iphone paid app?


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When I click PQs, then choose my Cemeteries Not Found PQ, (which has almost 1000 caches (over 900) caches in it) I see about 10 caches total on the map view. The List view shows more, but not a complete list. There are 4 cemetery caches on my PQ within 25km of my home location but the closest one it shows on the app's list view is 28.5km away. I also can't see Cemeteries Not Found PQ caches near me when I'm out in the field, it tends to give me a willy-nilly list of cemetery caches not based on my location.

The PQ is pulled from my Cemeteries I Haven't Found bookmark list. Could that be the problem?

Am I doing something wrong? Or do others have the same problem?

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