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2015: The GOOD and BAD of Waymarking

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As we approach the end of 2015, there have been some good things to happen to the Waymarking community as well as some bad. I'll start with the good things:


Some GOOD things that happened in 2015:


- Waymarking celebrated 10 YEARS of existence!


- EIGHT new categories were created


- A number of categories with non-active officers were replaced with active officers


- Although small, the Waymarking community continues to slowly expand its presence around the world with new and interesting locations for visitors to see and appreciate.


Some BAD things that happened in 2015:


- Google Maps was replaced by MapQuest. Although this change had to do with financial issues, this adversely affected the Waymarking website and created challenges in approving/submitting Waymarks (Google Maps made things much easier with Satellite view). We can only hope that Groundspeak can work something out with Google Maps since MapQuest is one of the worst online maps I've ever dealt with.


- Waymarking.com domain went down repeatedly for a couple of months causing lots of frustration for users within the community. Although the site eventually got back up and running, there are still some after-effects that users continue to deal with (certain categories' pages give the dreaded 'sql_ERROR' when loading sub-menu options).


- Many categories continue to have non-active leaders/officers who inadvertently cause many Waymark submissions to stagnate in the approval process. This also goes for votes on Waymarks. How many of you have waited weeks or months for an approval or a vote on your Waymark to get either approved or denied?


I'm sure there are many other GOOD or BAD things that happened in 2015 that haven't been mentioned here. That's why I posted this topic for others to give their own two-cents...




HAPPY NEW YEAR and let's hope 2016 is the BEST year yet for Waymarking!

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Waymarking necessarily had to take a back seat in my life in 2015. That was really hard for me. Though my schedule continues to be full, it is closer to "normal" than it has been, so I can be more regular with Waymarking. Fortunately, most of my categories had active officers who were able to carry the ball. Oh, across several location moves, I've had an issue with my email which I haven't totally solved, so access to my Waymarking email account is still disrupted.

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