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Load maps off line

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Hi, apologies up front if this query exists elsewhere, I have searched for it, but couldn't find it.


I recently purchased an iPhone 6 and am generally happy with it. I downloaded the Geocaching introductory app and began using it and soon found that the functionality of this app was lacking when compared to CGeo on my old Android phone, so I downloaded Geo Bucket and have been getting along OK with that for some time now.


I have very recently noticed that when out and about, neither app loads up the maps once I am away from wifi. I do not have a contract and therefore no live data stream once I am in the field.

I believe that somewhere down the line I must have adjusted some setting or other which somehow stops my phone from storing data for these apps. I assumed before that the device could detect my location from my GPS signal and then simply call up the mapping contained within it's data files, or is that not how it works?


Another thing I notice is that where before the app used to go to where I am on the map and display it, it now seems to be at my last location and I do not immediately see the blue dot representing me and then have to scroll around searching for myself. I am convinced this is due to my changing some setting or other, but I cannot figure out where. If anybody has any idea what I have done I will be grateful for some insight.


Regards, Dave

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