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Not sure if my cache was submitted for review


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I just placed my first cache, and filled out the forms online but there was an internet hiccup and I'm not sure that it got finally submitted. How do I find a cache submission that hasn't been reviewed yet? Thanks! Sorry if this is answered elsewhere.


If your submission went through successfully, you should have received an email from Groundspeak.


If you've successfully submitted a geocache for review, and have read the email from noreply@geocaching.com, you know that geocache listings are reviewed by community volunteer reviewers.


Help Center → Hiding a Geocache → Review Process: Hiding a Geocache

1.5. My geocache has not been reviewed



Make sure that email address is on your "accepted contacts" list.


The listing should also appear in your profile page.


Check to make sure there are no Reviewer Notes that you need to respond to as instructed by the Reviewer.


Help Center → Hiding a Geocache → Review Process: Hiding a Geocache

1.6. Getting Your Geocache Listed Quickly



If your geocache has not been listed in the normal time frame check your geocache page to see if the reviewer has left you a note.



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