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Sleuthers Colorado Puzzles


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Hi - I'm new to geocaching, especially solving the mystery ones, and I'm working on my own (so no help from "Bobcacher" or "Janecacher"!). Has anyone worked on Sleuthers' many puzzles that cover the outlying Denver areas (and those are just the ones I've come across). I could really use some help solving his puzzles, and though I've tried to contact him directly, I'm not getting an answer. I'm hoping for not just help for myself about these puzzles but a general discussion of Sleuthers' (and others') puzzles, techniques for solving, finding others to work with on solving, etc. Peace, Christi ("weaverclw").

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According to section 2-D of the geocaching.com terms of use, "You agree not to: [...] xxiii. Publish on our websites the solutions, hints, spoilers, or any hidden coordinates for any geocache without consent from the geocache owner.” However, here are some general puzzle tips (based in part on a puzzle-solving class event presented by The Rat a while ago):


Identify the theme. Check the cache title, the hint, the HTML source, the graphics (including names/URLs), any links (including URLs), whatever is at the posted coordinates, etc. If you can figure out the theme, then you should look for numbering systems that are associated with that theme (zip codes, athletes’ jersey numbers, episode numbers, product codes, etc.).


Around here, coordinates will have 15 digits, and will look like "N 37° xx.xxx W 122° xx.xxx". So when I'm solving a nearby puzzle, I look for a group of 15 things, and then I look for ways to get the digits 37xxxxx122xxxxx from them. In general, I look for ways to get the number 37 (or the digits 3 and 7) from something near the beginning of the puzzle, and the number 122 (or the digits 1, 2, and 2) from something near the middle of the puzzle. (Of course, you'll need to adjust this for the coordinates near you.)


Other useful resources include:

Puzzle Solving 101 Series (bookmark list)

Calgary Puzzle Solving 101 (bookmark list)

Puzzle Shortcuts Series (bookmark list)

Solving Puzzle Caches (online article)

How Do I Solve All These $@! Puzzle Caches? (tutorial-style puzzle cache)

Puzzle FUNdamentals (archived event cache) and the Puzzle FUNdamentals resources on the GeocacheAlaska! education page

The GBA's Puzzle Cache FAQ (for puzzle designers, but useful for understanding how puzzle caches work)

LANAKI's Classical Cryptography Course

How to Puzzle Cache (book)

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Er yeah I know him pretty well :D Sorry I was unresponsive. The best way to contact me is via the email link as I rarely notice the "new" message system. I have at least replied to and checked on a couple of my caches that you thought were missing. Again I'm sorry. Also as jsarche says I sometimes get really busy...

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