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Avalanche 2016, 11th edition


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☃ ❅ ❄ ❆ INFO-AVALANCHE 2016 ❆ ❄ ❅ ☃


Avalanche 2016 : Knocking at Mega-Event’s door


Dear geocachers,


We recently got a good news from Groundspeak HQ, about the Avalanche 2016, 11th edition event that will be held at the « Parc Régional du Bois de Belle-Rivière », on February 27, 2016.


Although it currently doesn’t meet the all criterias for admissibility as a Mega-Event, it is now on Groundspeak’s watch list. This means that when we reach the magic number of 500 participants, the "Mega" status we will be granted.


Last year, we have reached a record number of 415 participants for an Avalanche event. We are knocking at Mega-Event’s door.


So, we are inviting you to log your “Will Attend” on the event’s page "Avalanche 2016, 11th edition (GC635GN)" as soon as possible. Also, don’t be shy and share this news around you and, invite family and friends to attend. Moreover, it’s very important that you also register on the official Avalanche event page in the “register” menu on the left.


Visit often and regularly Avalanche's official website to keep you informed of the latest developments regarding the event. In the next few days, we will add a "counter" banner that will keep you informed of the number of participants currently registered for the event.


We need your support to make of "Avalanche 2016, 11th Edition" the first winter Mega-Event IN THE SNOW of the world.


Hope to see you at this key event, February 27, 2016.



The organizing committee of the Avalanche 2016, 11th edition event.


P.S.: Apologies to BBWolf+3Pigs for last years posts, will try to keep it to a minimum, so I hope it won't feel like spam. :)

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