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Difficulty changing map icons/Garmin 60CSx & EasyGPS

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Health is letting me to begin caching again so I cleared the GPS for a fresh start. It's a Garmin 60CSx. I use EasyGPS. The 1st file is for geocaches,the 2nd is local waymarks; & the 3rd is for local benchmarks.


On EasyGPS I can change the icon for the waymarks (WM)and benchmarks (BM) but regardless of changing the icon when I send that saved file to the handheld it shows each and every one on the unit as a geocache. I really want caches as caches, WMs as a separate icon and BMs as a third distint icon. Is doing this even possible without going through the GPS manually and changing each one? I'm banging my head against a virtual wall trying to think of a workaround and coming up blank.


Suggestions, even of using different software, is welcome. If it matters my desktop is running Windows 10 and so is my laptop if I have to use that.


Thanks, Gravechaser in Illinois

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Now I feel stupid. Struggled with this for a week and not once did I give a thought to checking on possible Garmin software. I've used EasyGPS for so long that it's burned into my brain, lol.


Anyway, thank you VERY much. I am in the process of downloading BaseCamp now. Their website says they have dropped the name brand MapSource and are now using and recommending BaseCamp. Seriously appreciate the suggestion!


Happy Days!


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