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Storage boxes for geocoins?

Doctor A

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I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas of good storage boxes for geocoins in their plastic sleeves? I had some sort of flat plastic storage things that I just put a piece of wood down the middle and it made them just about the right width for two rows of coins and they were the right height. But due to the weight of the coins, I've found that the plastic isn't holding up. So I wanted something more designed for this type of storage. I found these on amazon, but they look like they'll only accommodate items 2" wide and since many coins are 2", then with the plastic flip, they'd be too big. But this is the type of box I was thinking about. Anyone use anything like this that you'd recommend?


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My link

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I have a heavy duty plastic box with removable plastic dividers that are used for tools and nails etc. I think the key is to get something that is used to hold tools, rather than crafts.


For events I bring a lock n lock with coins in it.


Something bigger like this works too:

Stalwart 73-Compartment Durable Plastic Storage Tool Box

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I've used a few different brands and had varied results.


Plano - Pros: reasonably good construction, but a bit too much flex and much to tight for larger coins. Cons: No adjustable inserts on most versions.


Stanley - Pros: I really like these boxes because they have an integrated handle which is super-important to avoid having a lid pop open and spill your coins all over the ground while walking around. They take larger coins well and with adjustable inserts can accommodate some larger or oddly shaped trackables. Cons: more expensive, harder to find and they keep changing the dimensions/shape so stacking them in storage has been less convenient lately. The majority of my coins are held in these currently.


HDX (Home Depot's Generic Branding) - Pros: Everything I like about Stanley + better locks and multiple boxes can be locked together to keep a stack for secure. Price!!! When I bought them last time I picked them up at less than $9 each. Cons: just slightly smaller overall than Stanley and not as tall as Stanley so larger coins have to be laid down rather than stacked in rows. For the price though, you can afford the extra space.


For the near future I'm going to keep buying the HDX boxes. The price is great, the slightly smaller format actually makes them a little more convenient because while I'm a big enough guy that carrying 50lbs of metal is fine for me, it's not everybody's cup of tea. They seem a bit overly flexible when the lid is open, but even more rigid than Stanley once closed and locked.

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