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Deaf or Hearing Impaired attribute

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I was impressed with some video footage recently from the Block Party that showed some ASL translators. Whilst I am not deaf or hearing impaired myself, I do have a couple of friends in the geocaching community who are. Recently I read one of their logs where they were able to complete a cache which required trying to listen for a doorbell (which obviously they weren't able to do). They eventually found the hiding spot anyway but it made me think about one of my own multi-stage unknowns where at one point you need to listen for a radio transmission via your car radio. Again something that they would not be able to do. Would Groundspeak consider putting up an attribute that could alert deaf or hearing the hearing impaired geocachers that being able to hear is a requirement to complete the cache?

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I don't see the positive version being useful, because nearly every cache would be accessible to deaf or hearing-impaired geocachers. If anything, I see it being used as a joke attribute, the way some cache owners use the "Snowmobiles Not Allowed" attribute in the San Francisco Bay Area. Technically, it's correct, but it is essentially meaningless.


The negative version could be useful in cases like you described (multi-caches or puzzle caches that require interpreting audio data), to help deaf or hearing-impaired geocachers avoid such caches. But not all cache owners would use it, which would limit it's usefulness, much the same way that dog owners need to be aware of park policies, because the "Dogs Not Allowed" attribute isn't always set.

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