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Where do you get off

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I'm a new geocacher in Northern Virginia, and I whole heartly suppport the actions and motivations of the MD GC Society. These are a group of folks who have made significant progress with the MD Parks Dept. Before they organized, MD was on the verge of banning Geocaching in the entire state. They spend countless untold and unrecognized hours interfacing with State government agencies to make sure the Geocaching is available in Maryland for people like you.




To address your other misinformed claims:


They're are only assuming control of caches that have been abandoned, and they determine this only after multiple attempts have been made to contact the original hider.


The powers-that-be at www.geocaching.com gave them the authority to approve/disapprove caches.


& finally:


If you don't like micro-caches, don't look for them.

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