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Wherigo Foundation Wiki

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I would like to invite everyone to participate in the Wherigo Foundation's wiki. At launch, it has more technical information than anything else, but I hope to include all sorts of interesting things in it: bug fixes, project information, how-tos, and Wherigo's history. The wiki is located at wiki.wherigofoundation.com. If you need help filling in some technical information or history, feel free to discuss the page here to get some help--you'll get it.


The WF wiki's initial information comes from twolpert's WherigoBuilder wiki, circa very early 2008 (trivia: Wherigo was launched in January 2008, so twolpert has the distinction of being the first community member to start a Wherigo project). Twolpert continues as one of the WF wiki's administrators. Vooruit! joins twolpert as the wiki's other main administrator. Vooruit! pushed for continuing/saving the wiki when twolpert's web host began to charge for the wiki. After I set up the wiki server under the Wherigo Foundation's domain name, Vooruit! was the one who sorted out the few problems that cropped up and got them fixed before I could even get a chance to look at them. His enthusiasm is a wonderful addition to the project.


As with everything regarding Wherigo, the wiki will grow with community support and participation. The Wherigo Foundation itself is a group of enthusiast volunteer community members who have come together to continue supporting Wherigo--and each other's efforts to do so. We're all pitching in to keep Wherigo alive and available for everyone to enjoy.

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