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Is there a category out there for Makerspaces, AKA Hackerspaces?


It should be called "Makerspaces" since that's a common term without the hacker connotation.


This JUST occurred to me after reviewing a library that was advertising a Maker class on their website, which made me remember that the libraries in my area had talked about Maker classes recently.

I searched for Makerspace on Waymarking.com category search (as well as Maker, hacker, and hackerspace) and didn't get a solid hit.


So I searched the forums and, of course, found the references there to the recent Maker stuff related to gadget caches and/or 3d printing.


Then I looked up makerspace on wikipedia.

They have them under hackerspace, but they seem to be pretty global.



I haven't created a category in a while--any interest in this one?

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