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Dynamic D/T Feedback?


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I was just wondering about what I feel are many caches that do not seem to give an accurate indication of the difficulty and terrain they represent. It seems that when a user creates a new hide, they base the D/T upon their own experiences and abilities, but then others find the difficulty and terrain much more difficult, or in some instances easier than what the published rating of the cache suggests. What if finders, and only finders, of a cache had the ability to rate the D/T for the hide? I feel that would be a more accurate representation. Perhaps then there could be an average of all the feedbacks. That would be representative of finders of all abilities and experiences and would be a better indicator of what future finders could expect for a particular hide. The idea here is not to get a "right" or "wrong" D/T rating, but rather to have feedback upon which a person can get a good indication of what to expect. Here is a random quote from someone on a particular cache that I came across that highlights this issue:

[/font]"This is certainly not a difficulty 1.5 when a massive holey rock wall and loads of lomandra bushes present themselves as cache hide opportunities. It would only be a 1.5 with a more descriptive hint other than down low. There were loads and loads of possible hiding opportunities. There were 2 of us who looked for about 30 mins pacing up and down in prickly bushes and spiky lomandras. Sorry but I didn't enjoy. It was also really busy on the road so we couldn't have the kids with us looking. Based on the history to date with the number of finds (14) to the number of DNF's (8) this kind of indicates that it is much harder than 1.5. We tried the suggested other co-ords and this didn't work either. Please also be mindful that lots of people don't even log their DNF's so this also indicates it is harder than CO thinks. Perhaps CO can rethink this cache and change rating or provide a hint that will put people closer to the cache. This is hopefully constructive feedback. Others have posted similar comments and have the same views. "

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