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Why was this archived?

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My Sister in Law and her family just messaged me a picture of themselves at the Eiffel Tower replica in Paris, TN.


As is my habit, I was going to send her the waymark.

I put Eiffel Paris, TN Waymarking in Google and Google returned http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMP6E, a decent looking waymark in the Exact Replicas category with 11 visits ranging from 6/15/1999 to 5/28/2014.


But it's archived.


And there's no replacement waymark.


Other than asking the poster, is there any way we can tell WHY it was archived?


I'm asking the poster now, btw.

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Looks like they finally pulled the plug on the site. I'm guessing the forums here are next so we can't complain about it. :ph34r:

Um, no.


Getting back on topic, it looks like the poster has archived all 22 of their Waymarks. They've done a bunch of geocaching, so I'm thinking they lost interest in Waymarking and decided they no longer wanted to be a Waymark owner and archived them all. That's what you'd do if you owned a bunch of geocaches, and they probably just carried that way of thinking over here.


To answer the question, no, there's no way to find out why it was archived other than asking the poster. Waymarks don't have "Archived" logs like geocaches do, so a Waymark owner would need to manually post a comment to explain their reason for archiving if they wanted.

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