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I have been overwhelmed with the support of cachers from my area.


The other day I was out caching. I turned onto 322 and pulled over as I began losing power. I had just lost the transmission in my cache-mobile. Although I have run this car hard, I was not expecting to lose a car this week. It's been frustrating. As I sat waiting for the tow, I wrote the logs of my finds on my PDA. For the last cache of the day, I mentioned I had broken down and probably lost the transmission.


Ever since, folks have been e-mailing and phoning me to offer condolences and to offer to take me caching. One guy from another state offered to pick me up. I am just stunned by this. I cannot thank you folks enough.


FWIW, we purchased my wife a Taurus. I will now drive her Escort. Not eaxactly a cache-mobile. We have decided that I won't take this off-road into the Pines. So, it looks like caching is going to change a bit for me.


This group is just filled with the kindest people one could ever hope to meet,




Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose

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