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Vancouver/Fraser Valley geocachers

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I am an active geocacher from Arizona. I have just arrived in Vancouver for a summer job. I will be working here from now (May15th) thru late September. I am looking for soemone who might be intersted in a roommate for these four months. I am tapping into the local geocaching community in hopes of finding someone to stay with that shares my interests and we already have something in common. I will be doing a lot of geocaching this summer, as time permits! :) I am working in the Langley area, but open to be a bit farther away, if i can find a geocacher to stay with. I am a single guy. 43 years old. Very active and stay fit. I do a lot of hiking caches. but also open to urban caching with others. i am very quite at home. I prefer to look for someone who is single as well and would like a rooommate to help cover monthly bills. My company gives me a monthly allowance for rent. So let me know what the rent will be and we can go from there. I just need a room and dont need much more! A place to sleep! So if you have a spare bedroom or suite and want help with expenses for the summer, please hit me up. Best way to contact me right now is by email. So perhaps thru my profile on geocaching.com. PLease contact privately, as I may forget to look at this forum. I dont typically use these forums. My user name is Ropingthewind. I have been an active cacher since January of 2002. I just made a trip across Canada from London, Ontario and bagged a few caches in each Province. But settling down in Vancouver for the summer now!


Team Ropingthewind


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The BC Geocaching website just got re-done and the new forums aren't seeing much traffic, but you could try posting there.



There is also the Metro Vancouver geocaching page, and their forum looks a little more active.


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