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Adding coordinates of solved puzzle caches to map

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Often we solve the puzzles at home and write the coordinates into the "notes" section. I would then like to mark the location of the coordinates on the map so I can see when is a good time to go and grab the cache - ie when driving somewhere nearby. Is that a feature (I have looked and tried searching but can't find anything as yet - am not as tech savvy as would like!).


For example, on the Mackay, Qld area map, there are several puzzle caches in the ocean. When you solve the puzzle the coordinates take you to somewhere in Mackay, I want to then remark that on the map to the correct location of the cache - does that make sense??


When we go caching we always go for several at once, rather than just heading somewhere for one, so this would mean we could collect the puzzle ones at the same time.


Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions?

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Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions?


If you use GSAK you can keep a database with caches on your computer and when a puzzle is solved you can "correct" the coordinates. You can then see the location on the map. As there are plugins for GSAK you can also have the option to see a selection of caches on the map at once and have a nice overview of an area that way.


It can't be done on the website though.

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There are dozens of threads on this board asking Groundspeak to effect the change to the maps that you desire - show puzzle caches at their corrected coordinates.


I'm pretty sure some of those threads are years old.


So far there's no signs of Groundspeak implementing this change.

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If you click on the pencil icon edit.png next to the coordinates and edit the coordinates (instead of, or in addition to, entering the coordinates in the personal cache note), then your edited coordinates will show up in your PQs.


If you create a bookmark list of your solved puzzles, and then create a PQ based on that bookmark list, then you can preview that PQ on the map and it will display the icons at your edited coordinates.

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