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NoVa 'cachers help needed

Perfect Tommy

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Next week I'll be in Arlington on business and would like some recommendations from local cachers on any good physical caches that are within walking distance of a stop on the Metro in the NoVa and DC area. In making your recommendations, please keep in mind that I'll be on the Blue/Yellow line at Crystal City and I'll probably have to hunt at night. Thanks in advance for your help.

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It's down on page 2 of the topic list at the moment- 'DC Metro Station GPS coords?' Check that one out. Sorry I'm too forum illiterate to provide a direct link.


Most of the ones I know are on the red line. To my list, I'd add a couple of newer ones, also on the red line-'Church Ruins Park' is very close to the Dupont Circle stop and would be fairly convenient to do at night, compared to other caches, as it is in an urban environment. I'd recommend that one given your situation.


'University Forest' is about a 1 mile hike from the Tenleytown stop, in a wooded area. These things combined would probably make it less attractive, but it's worth mentioning.


The advantage of these 2 stops is that each of them also have 1 other physical within walking distance (Neglect at Dupont Circle and DC CD at Tenleytown. These 2 are more secluded, increasing the creepiness factor at night, but neither are in heavily wooded areas, believe it or not).


Hope this helps- good luck



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In DC:Secret Garden and Neglect are walkable from Foggy Bottom on the Orange/Blue line. DC: The Disenfranchised Colony might be walkable from Woodley Park.


In VA:

Great Scott is walkable from Pentagon City on the Yellow/Blue Line. Story Time might be near the Yellow/Blue Line, but you need to figure out the puzzle for this one first.


There may be a few others that you may also want to consider, but the bottom line is that none of those I have mentioned is really all that close by to the Metro (Brentbeebe's are much closer to the stops). I would say that most of those linked above involve a 1.5 - 2 mi one way hike at a minimum. Depending on when you are in the area, snow may be a complicating issue as well.


If you are able to get out during the day, there are some interesting virtuals in Arlington Cemetary (right off the blue/yellow line) if you are interested, but get your walking shoes out for those as well.


I hope this helps somewhat.


Something hidden. Go and find it. Go, and look behind the Ranges -- Something lost behind the Ranges. Lost and waiting for you . . . Go!

- Rudyard Kipling "The Explorer"

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By "physical" I'm guessing you mean "not virtual." From that perspective there aren't many, or any really, that are close to a metro station.


I can give you a lot of recommendations for intersting and/or challenging virtuals that are close to metro stops if you are interested.


If you hid it, they will come.

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