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FS: reverse geocaching box

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$175 OBO, includes shipping in the united states.

-very good condition, like new.


what i have for sale is the reverse geocaching box that is available here: gpsadventurebox.com


I ordered one, but never found a use for it. so i am selling it. It is the fully assembled version that cost $200, shipping was about $20. plus the wait time is usually 1-2 months when i ordered. they are made to order i believe.


you go to the website and you can create a route that the box must follow in order, each time you turn it on it tells the user how far they are from the next location and the input name of location nothing more. once they get to that location it then updates to the new location. you can give each location an individual name. once they get to the final location the box will open and reveal what's inside. perfect for a lab cache or for other creative ideas, such as taking your significant other to all your favorite spots and then proposing with the ring that was inside the entire time.


other features include a battery backup port and a master key bypass for unlocking it when doing so normally would be inconvenient (such as programming it to half way around the world)


do note the box is a very nice wooden box, but it is not waterproof nor is it rated to take any large impacts. the electronics inside will be fine except under the largest of falls, but the box can shatter if dropped from waist height or higher.


images: (do check out the website for more images)






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