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  1. A special subforum is here: Groundspeak Forums >Geocaching and...> Education >Youth Organizations & Clubs http://forums.Ground...p?showforum=108 B. Thanks for the heads up. I didn't even know.
  2. Hello any scout's on the forums. I would like to let you all know I have finished my merit badge counselor site Bradybadges.com I have finished setting up the geocaching merit badge on my site and it is ready for enrollment. If interested please go to bradybadges.com All information you need to know for enrollment and how my program works is there. If any scouts or adult leaders are reading this forum post, I kindly ask if you could spread the word to any and all troops you have contact with. I will soon start offering other merit badges online as well. Next I plan to focus on Eagle required merit badges. Such as the three citizenship merit badges. If any forum moderators have any concerns, please message me. If possible I would love to have this topic pinned. One concerns I already know is the fact the site i link too does have an option to pay for merit badges. To that concern I have to say That for the cost is under $5 and the scout does receive a trackable with an official Groundspeak trackable code.
  3. I'd love to move one for you, located in ohio, USA
  4. I usually do, but cellular data can be spotty and trying to send them sometimes is more hassle then it is worth. and of course other times definitely not possible with zero cellular connection. My main concern really is when i travel and have zero data access for a week to a month.
  5. C:geo is not an approved app, or API user. As such, not a Groundspeak problem. Contact the c:geo folks on their web site. I wasn't suggesting as such, I am just trying to figure out how to submit them all at once. This isn't a bug report or update request.....I'm asking the community for ideas and suggestions. why would I contact c:Geo folks? except for a feature request. I'm asking here to see if any fellow community members for their advice, not to be told it's not a grounspeak issue, so I shouldn't ask on here. Many people in this community use C:geo and some may have had similar issues and found a solution. I mean if I though it was Groundspeak's issue I would have emailed them....not posted a thread on the community message board about it.
  6. I use c:geo The log is saved as really both. I can submit each one as a log, just from the saved log on the device, but I find this more tedious then the field notes. C:geo offers the ability to export all offline logs as field notes. It exports them having all data, including log type, log time to second, and sends the prefilled log comment as well. basically I have no reason to confirm them or edit them....so having a way to publish them all at once would be very great. unfortunately c:geo does not allow the ability to submit all offline logs at once, the only way to get them all to move to your account is as field notes, not as logs. I know the official app for instance you can publish all offline logs with a single button push.
  7. Hello, I Write out all my logs in the field, but save them to my device instead of uploading them directly. I then later upload them as field notes. My question is how do i submit them all at once? I already have the log type selected and the log message written out......I don't see a reason to go through the log submission page per cache. I would much prefer to submit them all as logs at once. Does anybody know of a good way to do this?
  8. I keeps track of geotrails (and GeoTours) with GSAK. I have a number of caches that are of special interest to me, including GeoTours and geotrails. I alter the cache name and add special codes before loading up my GPS. That way I have a way of selecting these special interest caches while on the road. However, with some geotrails, I ran into a problem. In a few cases, the geotrail included finding a set of random nearby caches. For example, one geotrail listed around 10 specific caches. But you had to find 15 caches total. The remaining 5 caches were any five caches within 5 miles of the sponsoring town. The other thing is that Groundspeak has no explicit knowledge of geotrails. They are not involved in the process like they are with GeoTours. It's only through the good graces of Rock Chalk (as a person, and not as a Groundspeak employee) that there is even a list of geotrails in a single location. As for me, I am against the idea of treating geotrails similar to GeoTours for two reasons. The first reason is because of the problem illustrated above. Geotrails don't necessarily have a specific list of caches. And second, my own experience is that GeoTours are better maintained than geotrails. Now, that is just my experience, I know of others that have the exact opposite opinion. I don't think they need to be treated the exact same, just i do think they both should be more organized (geotours basically already are). have their own categories to better filter them.....simply put geotrails will now have some actual rules and easy filtering. It's become a part of the game, and they continue to accept them....but I don't see a good reason to not go the extra mile to officially support them. You mentioned geotrails aren't well maintained....well i think any cache is at risk to muggles and poor owner maintenance...however geotrails don't have a guideline for how to set up their cache page either. if Groundspeak made it a sub type of cache or something to officially recognize them, it would also come with some great guidelines to help make them run smoothly. They don't even need any special icons on the map.....just perhaps a filterable header in the title is required that other caches aren't allowed to have. perhaps something along the lines "GCGT" for geocache geotrail. if every geotrail cache name had to start with this, then it would be easy to filter them regardless of what software you like to use. or even easier.....make it an attribute....and make attributes filterable on the app (and anywhere else still attribute filtering limited.....geotours is an attribute right? why not geotrails? I mean we got attributes for picnic tables....I don't see how anyone can argue that attribute is more important then a geotrail attribute, I see no harm in adding it)
  9. for me to use my geochecker plus i have to log into my account......it's an outside website that even takes money for this service.....but it's allowed all day. I'm not sure what it matters if you have to download something and register for it....if it's not even required nor even recommended. if i where to do this, i would simply lay out the puzzle and somewhere just put something as followed: ALTERNATIVE PUZZLE: minecraft: [domain name to connect written here] it would have no other explanation nor tell you to download or create an account for anything. Put simply, geochecker is an approved site by Groundspeak, Minecraft is not. Alternative or not, I think the commercial nature would kill the idea as Keystone pointed out. It's pretty much, no commercial products/businesses mentioned, linked or otherwise on Listing pages. that's true, but i just don't see the argument for requiring people to login or commercial restrictions when you aren't even linking to the website, aren't telling anyone to buy an account or create an account, but simply providing plain text the word "minecraft" and providing a domain name only used for connecting to a minecraft world...that otherwise will not take you anywhere or tell you anything. I think this is a fair argument. I get i can't force people to own minecraft and play it, and can't advise people to solve the puzzle this way....I'd go as far to recommend most users solve it the other way even. I just don't see how this is really breaking any rules. At least that's how i see it. what it comes down to is the minecraft route is a complete optional alternative that isn't at all promoted even how to use it. those with the knowledge and ability to do so, already has a minecraft account and are using their own account of their own free will. geocaching says they are open to creative hides, and I have layed out my plan to obey their guidelines....i just hope that's enough. I want to thank you for your input. it's the conversation back and forth that really brings the full concerns and issues to light surrounding this topic.
  10. my main goal is to have a web form check everyone entries for me, and i just get an email in my inbox for every person i need to send a coin to. I don't want to do anything manually. except set up any database and web form i need. Now with a GSAK database......I did not think about this is a versatile tool that has API access....which is what i really needed. Hopefully GSAK has some abilities to be parsed or to output an constantly updating file that can be parsed. I will have to look into this. or better yet if i can set up GSAK to listen in wait for a single username and will parse just the single username against the API directly and not a updating list, i then will not even need to have an updating list.....but i kinda have doubts GSAK can do this, but it also has a tone of plugins, so maybe i can have it work out in the end.
  11. it's an optional gift, not required to log a find by any means.....i mean all geotrails make you fill out some other form (usually printed though) for getting the optional gifts. I'm rather sure this is allowed.
  12. for me to use my geochecker plus i have to log into my account......it's an outside website that even takes money for this service.....but it's allowed all day. I'm not sure what it matters if you have to download something and register for it....if it's not even required nor even recommended. if i where to do this, i would simply lay out the puzzle and somewhere just put something as followed: ALTERNATIVE PUZZLE: minecraft: [domain name to connect written here] it would have no other explanation nor tell you to download or create an account for anything.
  13. how so? it's an alternative not enough, no one is being forced to play minecraft. I think you may be referencing to the domain name. this would not link to the official minecraft website. it would not have a webpage featured at it at all. it would most likely be something like: intrepiddyad.com/20556 users would post this into their minecraft software and connect to the server. (or they simply download a map if that could be allowed, It wouldn't have a virus or possibility for a virus i.e. it's not a usb drive others can edit) thanks for the feedback so far.
  14. now do the same with geotrails and it's a great thing. honestly i feel geotrails should get some sort of special icon...or maybe just border around the standard icon....and be nice to have a nice filter for them. apply this to geotours as well of course (geotours having like a shiny gold border around them maybe signalling them being super special) then we will have an actual user friendly geotour and geotrail experience once we get out there and need to filter out the rest of the geocaches from the map view of the app. of course that's my suggestion, but I would love to hear how fellow geocachers feel about my ideas. (for and against)
  15. I would like to create a geocache that would be a puzzle cache. one can solve it online using the cache page and related websites, but I also want user to be able to solve a minecraft puzzle map to get the final coordinates. there are two issues here: 1. can you have two ways to solve a puzzle cache? 2. minecraft is 3rd party software/you can't make a cacher download a file assuming issue one is ok, multiple ways to solve is no issue then let's get into issue 2: I figured if a minecraft world map would not be considered an allowed exception to the rules about file downloads, then I can also set up a minecraft server and users would simply connect to it much like they connect to a webpage and that would be no different then using any other website in a puzzle cache. it's just a domain that they connect to using the proper software they already have installed on their computer. just in this instance, instead of a web browser, it's minecraft. Can anybody see why issue number 2 would cause any issues.....assuming issue number 1 is a non-issue.
  16. I was thinking of setting up a geotrail, but i never liked the idea of a physical passport for a game that you find everything else via virtual logs essentially. So I was hoping to make a geotrail using a webform instead. I would like to upon submission, have the form check the code words of course, but also check the users geocaching name against the geotrail caches to make sure they actually logged them. this is just a secondary step to help prevent cheaters. (though of course it still is not fool proof, only way to make sure a cacher visited a cache as always is to check the physical log) but i figured this would prevent people from simply sharing a list of the code words. I would need a way to take a users geocaching name and test it somehow (API.....if they didn't shut it off :/) and then return a value or values (yes, no, then perhaps error codes....for stating which caches they failed and other various error return states) Any feedback would be great. I would love for something simple a webform can handle using some sort of online tool i can request this info from, but if not possible and i need some web server to check against a saves list of logs for the geocaches, then so be it.....it would not be my first time setting up a server for simple task like this.
  17. that is way cool Cool! I have a Night Fury TB. Now it stays with me while caching, but the original was in the wilds for a few months: http://coord.info/TB3DNPA Here someone placed him on a coloring book page, back when his Mission was to find volcanoes.
  18. I too am a fan of both series, I bought a toothless toy in kroger I have been been meaning to attach to a dragon themed trackable. I can do that tonight, so I got a proposition for you. Want to trade trackables by mail and send them out for each other? Sorta like a trackable mission. I live in south west ohio. (Maybe it would help spread your avatar trackables out...I personally like starting my trackables from diffrent starting areas.) PM me if your interested.
  19. selling a reverse geocache box, basically new still in original box it shipped in. opened to test it out to be fully functional and haven't ever used it. been sitting on top of a shelf for about a year now, so selling it heavily discounted since i don't have a purpose for it. retail $200 plus shipping - fully assembled version - http://gpsadventurebox.com/ shipping cost is real cost to ship to you, which for in the united states will be around $15.
  20. sure can, when you go to activate it, there is something to ask for the acitvation code. it logs your ip in case your activating other peoples they can catch you. i use it all the time because its easier then keeping a punch of activation codes around. as well i may buy this from you, i have been looking for an older trackable with less numbers in its code for getting a tattoo made. if your interested in selling it or trading it (like a geocoin for it or something) then PM me, If it's a nice code i like i will want it. (it's going on my body, so i'm waiting for a sequence i like )
  21. sounds like they should be archived....i don't really mind bending the rules a little, but that sounds almost dangerous. i assume you would be trespassing to go get them....unless military bases are somehow actually public property and public usable and i just assumed otherwise
  22. still no search by attribute side note: about time pocket quarries where updated to 10,000 cache limit or higher. my gpsR can handle 100,000 caches saved....most can handle 10,000 if not all now a days.
  23. $175 OBO, includes shipping in the united states. -very good condition, like new. what i have for sale is the reverse geocaching box that is available here: gpsadventurebox.com I ordered one, but never found a use for it. so i am selling it. It is the fully assembled version that cost $200, shipping was about $20. plus the wait time is usually 1-2 months when i ordered. they are made to order i believe. you go to the website and you can create a route that the box must follow in order, each time you turn it on it tells the user how far they are from the next location and the input name of location nothing more. once they get to that location it then updates to the new location. you can give each location an individual name. once they get to the final location the box will open and reveal what's inside. perfect for a lab cache or for other creative ideas, such as taking your significant other to all your favorite spots and then proposing with the ring that was inside the entire time. other features include a battery backup port and a master key bypass for unlocking it when doing so normally would be inconvenient (such as programming it to half way around the world) do note the box is a very nice wooden box, but it is not waterproof nor is it rated to take any large impacts. the electronics inside will be fine except under the largest of falls, but the box can shatter if dropped from waist height or higher. images: (do check out the website for more images) https://drive.google...iew?usp=sharing https://drive.google...iew?usp=sharing https://drive.google...iew?usp=sharing https://drive.google...iew?usp=sharing
  24. GXPROXY.COM sells dog tags for i think $3.50 each, they are for custom designs only, but i asked before and they sent me several free generic designs. otherwise they usually charge $25 for your own custom design one time fee. with choosing their this fee doesn't exist. $3.50 is nicer then $5.00, but not by much. the real value to these is the custom versions, but a little money can be saved.
  25. $100 OBO, includes shipping within united states. New refurbished product -still has factory plastic film on screen, confirmed to power on. comes with 9 months protection coverage provided by Canopy protection. Covers hardware failures, weather damage, and even accidental drops. (drop it off a cliff and as long as you retrieve the unit you can still make a claim to get a replacement) comes with 2 screen protectors and usb cord. does not come with any manuals or the original box. manuals available online. do note some scratches on the device. on the rubber back, it came like that from magellan, the screen is not scratched, just the plastic film. front back great for those who are just getting serious about geocaching and have just been using their iPhone. some caches are too remote or too high adventure to use your Phone without jumping all over the place or possibly damaging your iPhone. or good for experienced cachers who just need something cheap that works.
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