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This suggestion originated from the discussion in the Profile thread in the User Insights forum.


There are times when a single photo is related to multiple logs. For example, it might show multiple trackables, and the user might want to associate it with the drop/grab/visit/discover log for each of those trackables. Or it might show a trackable in a photo taken for a virtual cache, or a trackable in a photo for a (non-spoiler) photo at the location of a non-virtual cache, and the user might want to associate it with the drop/grab/visit/discover log for the trackable, as well as for the Found log for the cache.


Right now, the only option is to upload the image over and over, once for each log. And then there are multiple copies of the same image in your profile gallery.


It would be nice if there were an option either to upload a new photo, or to select an existing photo from your gallery. This would allow users to upload such a photo once, for the first log, and then select that existing photo for all the other logs. Only a single copy would show up in your photo gallery.

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