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Caches at Johannesburg Airport

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Hi there,


we are going for a holiday in Namibia in march. Our flight from Munich to Windhoek has also a stopover in Johannesburg. Is there a possibility to find some caches near the airport? We only have two hours between arrival and take-off. We don't have experience with geocaching in Africa and we don't know if it's possible to go on tour by night (arrival is in the evening). We found some caches around the airport but don't know if they are reachable by foot. Would be nice to get some information.

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but 2 hours is no where near enough time I'm afraid. You will require a VISA as an EU Passport holder for starters. I doubt that they will allow you through Customs/Immigration for a short time. If your layover is 2 hours you will be boarding at least an hour prior to departure as Air Namibia and SAA flights to Namibia are run from the regional apron and you are bussed a fair distance from the terminal building to the aircraft. :(


Furthermore, even if you are allowed out of the transit area you would probably need a minimum of 2 hours to get to the caches and back with a taxi. Night time caching is NOT recommended in Johannesburg unless you are in a very well lit area that is known to be safe.


I hope you have a great time in Namibia.

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Thank you for the "bad" news. Now I can concentrate my activities on Namibia.

Hi fleuchi


Cincol is correct in that you will stay inside the international portion of the airport.

But should you come through to the domestic part, then give me a call.

I can take you to one or 2 caches in the area, so you can get at least one or two caches in Johannesburg.

I live 5 minutes from the airport. So it should be no problem to help.




(team DamhuisClan)

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