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Does anybody know this cacher?

Seattle Seekers
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Originally posted by Seattle Seekers:

I am missing a travel bug. Info on it is: Speed Bug - taken by "Gee G" on July 17th, 02.


I have attempted to email this person but have not recieved a reply. If somebody does know this person, could you give them a friendly little nudge for me? Thanks.



I don't know him, but he seems to still be active, according to his profile he logged in to GC.com last week.

Even made the trip to VA he mentioned he was doing in the TB log. Maybe he left it somewhere there and forgot to log it? Still, would be nice to at least reply to the email. Any pics of the TB? Maybe he lost his tag?


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I've also been following this bug, since it was the first travel bug I ever found, and because The Leprechauns placed it in the cache where Geo G picked it up. See Speed Bug's Page.


If you look on the list of caches he's found, from clicking the link on Geo G's profile page, he has found more than 40 caches since picking up this bug. He visited the website within the past 10 days. No excuse for not dropping this bug off, or responding to e-mail.


Geo G has most of his finds in the Rochester NY area. Any geocachers up there know him?



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