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West Virginia must do caches???

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We will be making the drive up from Dallas and be in the Charleston, WV area in July visiting my mother in law. She's fascinated by this new hobby that is consuming all of our time, so we are going to take her on a couple of 1/1's....that's probably the hardest terrain she could manage. We will try to leave some Texas related things and some new travel bugs, so be on the look out!!


However, we were wondering if there were any "must-do" caches....you know, knock your socks off scenery or whatever....that we should do on our own (without my mother in law) while we are there? I don't know if we will have time, but thought we would at least ask before we headed out that way.


Looking forward to getting back and seeing some of "Almost Heaven". icon_smile.gif Thanks.


(BTW, if anyone has a travel bug that would like a lift to Texas, send me an e-mail. I won't make any promises, but we might be able to help out.)




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Hi! I haven't been to all the ones in Charleston yet, but of the ones I've seen, none are really in "must see" category of scenic views.

Well, except maybe for the rock at Easter Island, but it's closer to Ripley and you'll have to judge for yourself:



I'm too novice to talk about the best & the worst, but 2 experts around here are Man In The Wild and EliJoMikMiNi. You can get their info by clicking on my name and clicking on my cache for their logins.


I can, however, give you directions to the parks that they are located in just in case your mother in law hasn't been there.

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Thanks for the info. We definitely plan to hit a number of caches in the Charleston area. I haven't made my way through all of the cache descriptions in the state, but for a single special cache I kind of have my eye on Hawks Beak. We have been to the Hawk's Nest area before, but never hiked any of the trails. I just don't know whether we two flatlanders are ready for the West Virginia mountains! icon_biggrin.gif



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No prob.


Can I suggest that you visit mine? It's pretty easy and has a nice view of the rivers. It's only about 10 min south of Charleston. But you won't hurt my feelings if you decide not to go.




As for being "flatlanders", you're not going to hit any very steep trails in the Charleston area. I never could figure out how you "flatlanders" could keep from falling asleep at the wheel with all those straight roads. You need curves to keep your attention going. I feel unprotected without hills. To each their own, I guess.


Shoot me an email of the one's you plan on going to, as mom wants to start a travel bug.




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