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Problem with last update

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Hi everybody,

my name is Andrea and I'm writing from Italy.

I have a problem (I think it is a problem, maybe it is not..) with the latest update of the Intro App.

Before the update I was able to see caches near me and every cache I've found (even if not near my position).

With the last update on the other hand, I can not see all the caches near me and I'm not able to see the caches I've already found too...

If the cache is not near me, even if I've already fount it, I see a grey dot with the premium account request...

Useless to say that for me, it was better before the update :)


What is the correct behavior of the Intro App? The one before the update or the one after that?


Thank you all :)

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Hi Andrea,


I can confirm that this is a bug, and will be fixed in an upcoming release. Sorry for the inconvenience.




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Hi Kckd,

thank you for the reply :)

I'm at my first steps with geocaching and I'm having a lot of fun discovering all the caches near my home!


Thanks again,


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I have a problem with last update as well. Before I could rotate my map and now it will not. The last cache I tried to find was always--over there on the right--and I was going in circles never getting closer.

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