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Idea: Architectural rendering vs. Finished building

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Hello everyone, been a long time, but I am starting back Waymarking slowly then more aggressive soon.

I had an thought and have no idea it would even work or any interest, but here is thought:

A lot of times when a building or structure is being built they will install a sign with the

architects rendering (2 dimensional drawing or illustration) on a sign or billboard at the construction site.

My thought would be to photograph that sign or board. Then when the building or construction is completed,

photograph the finished building as close to the angle of the rendering, so they can be compared and see

how close to the architects dream the actual building looks.

A few things I understand will need to be worked out,

Should the poster/sign/billboard be waymarked first?

then add the building later?

(Maybe 2 different categories that can have cross waymarks linked to each other?)

A LOT of time can separate the beginning to completion of the construction this I am sure will be a

stumbling block

Maybe this is not even a good idea?

I welcome all ideas and criticism.

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Interesting idea. Actually, I could contribute several waymarks to such a category right now. These were buildings that I passed everyday in Korea on my walk to the school where I taught. My original intent was to put them in the Building Buildings category, but they failed to meet the height requirement. I have the signs and the completed buildings (and photos during construction), so I'm all set.


Even so, I think this might be a difficult category for most people. I don't know of any others that I have come across or ones that I might conceive as being a possibility. Then again, I haven't checked some of the new buildings going up in Boston right now. Hmmm. New bank and hotel going up down the street. I bet I could have done them. So, this might be a viable category.


Good to see you back! Been missing you. If you want to work on this, let me know and I'll be glad to help.

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