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geocaching in crete


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Hey everyone! I'm not sure if I should write my topic here( this is first time i use forum), but i hope you'll answer:) Me and my friend(both geocachers) are going to Crete on october 12-20. It'd be our first geocaching abroad so maybe someone wants to join us in our one or two days gc journey in the island? In general what is worth seeing in Crete? Is there any specific caches(high terrain, originally hidden etc.)we must try to find(if we won't have much time to search all)?:)

Thank you :D

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Oh, Crete is a big island and you can find nearly everything thrre. It depends what you want to do, to visit, to see. There are caches on mountain tops, at nice beaches, at small byzantine churches, in canyons, in the cities. Some require long hiking,some are drive-in, some need special stealth mode! It also depends on which part of Crete you are going to stay.


If you have a guide book, you'll find a cache almost in every place mentioned. Or you can try your luck in other places, less touristic.


But we have to admit that mystery caches and original containers are not our strong points. Due to the rocky terain of the island the vast majority of the caches are hidden "under a rock".


Unfortunately the geocachers who permanently live in Crete are not many and we all work or have committments on the dates you mentioned. Maybe you can find a partner if you try the facebook group geocaching in Crete https://www.facebook.com/groups/723336114419216/


We hope you have a great time in Crete!


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Καλημέρα Γιάννη,


Δες κι αυτό:https://www.facebook.com/groups/723336114419216/


κι αυτό: https://www.facebook.com/groups/61578444257/


κι αυτό: http://www.geocaching-gr.com/grpages/Yiannisp/Geo_Page/index.html


κι αυτό: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=118472


κι άλλα πολλά. Πράγματι μας λείπει ένας παίκτης στα Χανιά. Κι έχει υπέροχα μέρη εκεί. Καλώς ήρθες λοιπόν και πάντα στη διάθεσή σου!

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Καλως το Γιαννη. Αυτο το ελπιζω βεβαια δειχνει οτι ηδη κολησες! Απλα δεν εχει εκδηλωθει η ασθενεια ακομη. Ειναι ομως αργη και βασανιστικη η εξελιξη της.

Ευτυχως εχεις κοντα γιατρο (την Νανα) και ξερει κατι γιατροσοφια απο τα Αγκουσελιανά. Θα σε κανει ακομα χειροτερα αλλα μην ανησυχεις αφηνει μονιμα σημαδια η αρρωστια! :rolleyes:

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