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I hope some of you know the answer to my problem :rolleyes: . I always geocache with my dog. Is there a way to add geocaches to the ignore list without having to open each and bookmark it one by one? I tried a pocket query and though I get the list of geocaches which I cannot do with a dog I can not add them simply to the ignore list.

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Unfortunately, Walt is correct. This can't be done in bulk on the web site, but it is a simple process with GSAK.


I can give step by step instructions if the interest still exists.


Don J, I would really appreciate step by step instructions. GSAK is still new for me.


It's late, but I'll try to put something together tomorrow afternoon.

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Not that complicated.


Get all the caches you want to ignore displayed in a filter and there are a couple of ways


First Go to geocaching.com at the top and use the get token if you haven't previously which it doesn't should like you have.


The simplest is to go through the current db and when you see one you want to ignore click the user flag box which in the default setup is close to the left.


Click the filter box and click user flag which should be the last one on the list. You should now only see the ones with that box


Now go back to geocaching.com at the top and click add to bookmark list.


It will display your lists.


Select Ignore and add all curent (not sure of the exact wording since I am away from my computer and OK.


When it it finished it will tell you how many added.


To delete them from the db select one and hit the delete button on your computer. Choose all in filter and my preference is to deselect the don't let GSAK load them back in because that creates a false belief that GSAK will not load them again ever. Hit ok and you are done. They will not show up in PQ's again.


Now that you have used the API call system you might want to explore the Get Caches one at the top instead of using PQ's. I haven't ran a PQ in forever.

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  2. Create a new PQ for your area and under Attribute to include, click the second icon twice, (dog). This will put a red slash across the icon, meaning that your new PQ will only contain caches where the cache owner has indicated that dogs are not allowed.
  3. Go to gsak.net and download and install the program, then start GSAK
  4. on the Tools menu, choose Options, then the advanced tab. On the top right corner, make sure that "also check for patches" is checked.
  5. Back on the Tools menu, choose, "Check for newer version of GSAK", and allow it to install the latest stable patch.
  6. Restart GSAK and on the Geocaching.com menu, choose "Update User Information...", check both of the boxes and OKAY.
  7. Back to the Geocaching.com menu, choose, "Get another access token" and follow the prompts to log onto Geocaching.com. This grants GSAK access to the web site.
  8. Again on the Geocaching.com menu, choose "Download Pocket Queries...", select the PQ that you created for no dogs and just leave all of the settings at their default.
  9. You should now have a database filled with caches that do not allow dogs.
  10. Last step is back on the Geocaching.com menu, choose, "Add to Bookmark List...", select Ignore list and "all in current filter".
  11. Finally, set up your basic PQ's on Geocaching.com to exclude caches on your ignore list


As time passes and new caches get placed, you may need to run the no dogs PQ, download it to GSAK and push it back to your Ignore list.


Edit to add, while this may sound complicated, steps 2-6 only need to be done once.

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