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Trackable List Web Page Design

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Ok, I have searched and searched the forums without success and thought given the wonderful friendly Geocachers I have met over the years, I am sure someone in the community will be able to help. :D



Cub Scout Leader in Queensland Australia.

Taught my Cubs (7-10yr olds) about Geocaching over the past 12 months and spent some time in the field with them, chasing down and logging some local ones.

We then expanded to Geocoins when we started our own cache at our Den.

We have now graduated again, to Travel Bugs. Each Cub and Leader in our Pack (approx 40) got the chance to make a Key ring and attach a TB. We then had a night out hunting some caches and dropped the TB's off, each with their own special mission the Cubs chose.


Some of these TB's are already over 40,000km away and well on their way to achieving the goals and the Cubs LOVE to get updates and watch theirs online. I gave them all details on how to log in, with their own TB code and watch it's progress.



I run a Website (through Weebly) for our Pack and would like to set up a page which shows all the TB's current Stats. I have found the HTML code to use and got 1 to work however it is showing distance in Miles even though the TB and my profile is set up in Km.

I cannot figure out how to change this. DOES ANYONE KNOW??

Below is the code I used to get a little display of the TB.


<img src="http://img.geocaching.com/stats/tb.aspx?guid=78656642-9109-4a5f-95e4-8dbf625e1008">


Would be cool if the the list changed the "ranking" based on distance travelled too but not necessary.


Moving ON from this, it would be cool to set up MAP of the World on the Web Site too with each CURRENT TB location marked, so the Cubs could see in an instant where theirs is and their friends. This is beyond my coding ability!!!!!!


Is there any Cachers out there with the necessary skills that could help me out??


Thanks in advance.




Greenbank Jacala

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