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Horz & Vert Orders..


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An odd question, but something I've noticed in the datasheets recently. Take for example this sheet (trimmed):

JV7206  PID         -  JV7206
JV7206  COUNTRY     -  US
JV7206                         *CURRENT SURVEY CONTROL
JV7206  ______________________________________________________________________
JV7206* NAD 83(2011) POSITION- 39 22 03.40338(N) 077 40 15.60611(W)   ADJUSTED  
JV7206* NAD 83(2011) ELLIP HT-   136.923 (meters)        (06/27/12)   ADJUSTED
JV7206* NAD 83(2011) EPOCH   -  2010.00
JV7206* NAVD 88 ORTHO HEIGHT -   170.3   (meters)      559.    (feet) GPS OBS   
JV7206  ______________________________________________________________________
JV7206  NAVD 88 orthometric height was determined with geoid model    GEOID93
JV7206  GEOID HEIGHT    -        -33.65  (meters)                     GEOID93
JV7206  GEOID HEIGHT    -        -33.32  (meters)                     GEOID12A
JV7206  NAD 83(2011) X  -  1,054,310.552 (meters)                     COMP
JV7206  NAD 83(2011) Y  - -4,823,773.992 (meters)                     COMP
JV7206  NAD 83(2011) Z  -  4,024,038.078 (meters)                     COMP
JV7206  LAPLACE CORR    -          7.17  (seconds)                    DEFLEC12A
JV7206  FGDC Geospatial Positioning Accuracy Standards (95% confidence, cm)
JV7206  Type                                         Horiz  Ellip  Dist(km)
JV7206  -------------------------------------------------------------------
JV7206  NETWORK                                       1.48   1.84
JV7206  -------------------------------------------------------------------
JV7206  MEDIAN LOCAL ACCURACY AND DIST (006 points)   1.48   1.69      6.83
JV7206  -------------------------------------------------------------------

Note that under the Current Survey Control area, there's no mention of a Horizontal Order or a Vertical Order. Does this mean that this station has no order for both those? Seems a little strange considering there's a Network Accuracy section.


Could someone tell me if my assumption's correct, or am I missing something? :)


Cheers -


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Did you note the link in the line after your trim of the 'sheet:


The Local and Network Accuracy Data Sheet

Program lna_ret Version 2.5 Date December 3, 2013

National Geodetic Survey, Retrieval Date = JULY 17, 2014

JV7206 ********************************************************************

JV7206 ACCURACIES - Complete network and local accuracy information.


JV7206 PID - JV7206


JV7206 Note that Horiz and Ellip values are accuracies at 95% confidence per

JV7206 the FGDC accuracy standards. The values of SD_N, SD_E and SD_h are the

JV7206 standard deviations (one sigma) of the coordinates (NETWORK) or

JV7206 of the difference in the coordinates (LOCAL) in Latitude, Longitude

JV7206 and Ellipsoid Height. The value CorrNE is the correlation

JV7206 coefficient between the latitude and longitude components of either

JV7206 the coordinate (NETWORK) or coordinate difference (LOCAL). The Dist

JV7206 value is the three-dimensional straight-line slope distance, in km,

JV7206 between station JV7206 and the corresponding Local station. Local

JV7206 stations include any other station, regardless of distance, that

JV7206 has been processed simultaneously with the station, in any project.


JV7206 Statistical information, in cm, follows. Correlation is unitless.


JV7206 Type/PID Horiz Ellip Dist(km) SD_N SD_E SD_h CorrNE

JV7206 -------------------------------------------------------------------

JV7206 NETWORK 1.48 1.84 0.65 0.55 0.94 -0.03851109

JV7206 -------------------------------------------------------------------

JV7206 LOCAL (006 points):

JV7206 JV7254 1.42 1.25 4.23 0.61 0.54 0.64 -0.18168922

JV7206 JV7215 1.48 1.25 5.12 0.64 0.56 0.64 -0.23513394

JV7206 JV7233 1.59 1.57 6.20 0.69 0.60 0.80 -0.08848601

JV7206 JV7242 1.60 2.18 7.47 0.71 0.59 1.11 -0.00521287

JV7206 JV7224 1.48 2.04 7.63 0.67 0.52 1.04 +0.09634709

JV7206 JV7196 1.39 1.80 11.21 0.62 0.50 0.92 +0.05439072


JV7206 MEDIAN 1.48 1.69 6.83

JV7206 -------------------------------------------------------------------



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