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Duck Dynasty and benchmarks


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I just watched the most recent episode of Duck Dynasty and one of the Willie's daughters had an extra credit school project--Find a Benchmark! I skipped forward find the segment and found Willie, Phil and the daughter on top of what Phil called the highest spot on Robertson property. It turned out Phil didn't know what a benchmark was and was upset that they were things set by the government so he ranted about that a while. Of course there was no benchmark where they were standing so that was pretty much the end of the segment. I got all excited for naught.

I went online and found the Robertson house and then used Google Earth (ad Foxtrot-Xray's great overlay map) to see what benchmarks were nearby. I think they may have 2 or 3 on their property, so the benchmark hunt could have easily been a real thing and not just a way to have Phil complain about the government.


My wife remarked that a show featuring benchmark hunters would be as exciting as some of the other stuff we are subjected to--treasure hunting, gold mining, monster hunting. I am not sure if she meant that it would be exciting to watch, or just no less awful than the rest of the genre!

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