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2000 Finds Coin

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Not exactly sure which color is which that is a problem for you.


You 'wanted' blue ./.. or 'received' blue ??


Either way, the 'Finds' and other achievement awards are usually about the achievement, not the color.


Either way, if you are not happy and it has not been activated, I would be surprised if c&p would not take a return on it. If nothing else, at least for a store credit. They have been around too long not to be customer service oriented. Only exception ... if it was a reduced price or closeout of some kind for the difference in color. In any case, ask about a return if you're unhappy.

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Since Groundspeak Shop carries the award coins that I believe come from c&p, I checked their store.


If you check soon, it shows that the coin at Groundspeak is more of a turquoise color. It also says they only have 6 left in stock. They may be selling out of the turquoise ones.


Computer colors are also strange --- one specific color may appear as different shades on many different computer screens.


Write a note to Groundspeak shop and ask about the color. The GS Shop has always been good about fast and accurate replies ... in my experiences with them. :)

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