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Garmin Oregon 650

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OK I tried a pocket query.but I get hundreds I don't care about.

We are going to be camping 'in the bush' at provincial forestry site - basically 'primitive' camping and I have selected a handful to find. I don't want everything in the area just specific caches which is why I have selected those on the map.

PQ's seem too complex for this use, unless there is a FAST and easy way to exclude all the extraneous stuff


I realized that you've already gone on vacation but nobody responded to this. One of the easiest ways to create a pocket query is to create a bookmark list, then add the caches you want individually (excluding all the extraneous stuff). Then, from the bookmark list, you can select the "Create a Pocket Query" button, give it a name and day for it to run, and it will create a single GPX file for all of the caches (and a second GPX file for additional waypoints).


I've got an older Oregon (and before that a Garmin 76Cx) and ran into the same issue of cache info that I had sent the GPS appearing to be missing. However, on both of those devices, viewing caches by Name would show up.


Since I do most of my geocaching while traveling, after sent the results of a PQ to my GPS I bring up the map screen then zoom out until it covers the area where I'll be traveling, Then I'll pan the map and zoom in on that specific area and the caches I've downloaded will show up on the map. That's how it works on my Oregon 450 but it may be different on the 600 series.



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Chrys.... Thanks, but they are a long ways as I'm setting up for vacation and setting a few to find. Not found, no result with name search.

I see the in Garmin Basecamp in the Oregon file so assume they'll show when we're closer.


If they are too far away, they won't even show up with a name search. Instead, either pan your map to the area, or search for the city name and show the city on the map. The caches will show on the map, even though it won't show them in search results until you actually get there.

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