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Confused Travel Bug

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Passed by this cache and popped in to see if it needed any maintenance. There was a Stone Henge Heritage Site coin inside so we picked it up to move it one.


The cache page shows it as the TheEssexKellys - Stonehenge coin. However - the coin page shows it wasn't in the cache in March 2010.


Cool I thought, they'll be pleased that the coin has re-appeared after 4 years. However, when I entered the code it didn't relate to this coin. On trying the code in the 'find trackables' section on the site it links to this nige61 Garmin Visit UK - Stonehenge Geocoin...........


Errr....how exactly has this happened?

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I suspect the previous holder of the nige61 coin has dropped it off there after realising he had been holding onto it for a while?


But it's the EssexKellys coin that's shown in the cache. The nige61 coin is shown in the hands of someone else.


Can't be just an amazing coincidence surely? A coin goes missing 4 years ago and then a coin of the same type (that hasn't been logged into the cache) then turns up in it's place??

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I know the holder of the coin you have in your possession lives in the area of that cache so maybe he randomly dropped it off there as he's held onto it quite a while and it was coincidental that there was an identical coin listed in the caches' inventory.

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I expected to see some plausible explanation where the coins crossed paths and could have gotten mixed up or something, but this looks like a flat out coincidence. Unless the other one suddenly shows up in Kent Lost Pubs No.7- The pub the Manor closed !...

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