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Yep, we appear to have reached some sort of a milestone. After caching for more than 10 years we somehow managed to find cache #3,500. As always, we did not plan any particular cache to make note of our progression. We would love to get back to the point of averaging one find per day. Not likely, but it would be pretty cool if we can manage to do it. We keep on having fun and that is all that matters.

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Congratulations on 3500!!


Did you realize I was following behind you caching on the trails near Bellingham? It took me a while to decipher your name but it was you. No one else signed those caches that day.


Are you going to have an event to celebrate your caches?


As far as it being ten years, it's not about the numbers, it's about the good times. I hope you had many, many of them. :)

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:anitongue: Look on the bright side you have been having fun. Numbers? Who cares about numbers?


Take my 12 years with average of 147 per year is not too bad. All the Years as a Scout Leader, flying to various Bases, climbing and of course ALL those Dog Shows.


Things to think about is all the friends along the way, those times of laughter within those Hikes & outings.


Remember those things that happened out on those Hikes & outing stay out there, you Promised. I'll tell MOM. :lol:


Congrats on the milestone better than a Kidney stone :laughing:


Keep up the good work and someday I'll hit that Magic number too.


PS... Did you ever pick up your Coin?

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hey Sol. Since we were ahead of you we never would have known you were playing in the same woods that day. No event. It felt strange enough starting a thread.



MtnMutt, I always try to look on the bright side and I use you as one of my examples of how to do scouting as well as caching. I did pick up the coin and it has visited a few special places, including all of the WA Parks caches we have found so far. It occupies a special place and I frequently look at it and think about many good times.



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