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Welcome to the Midwest!

Guest Omicron

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Guest Omicron

Hi All!


Just thought I would post a quick message, welcoming all to the Midwest forum. Hopefully this will turn into a forum where we can help each other out finding and placing stashes in the Midwestern US.


I do a lot of travelling around the area, so I'm looking forward to hunting down a lot of the stashes that are already out there. In my home state, Wisconsin, there isn't much to find so I've got a couple of stashes made up, and now I'm looking for spots to put them.


Most of all, have fun searching and good luck!

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I just found out about Geocaching tonight, needless to say I'm excited. I may plant a cache this weekend in the SE WI area. My only dissapointment is that there aren't more caches already in WI, so lets get moving! Look in the future for caches in Adams county, Green Lake/ Fon du lac Counties, and Door County. Just wanted to say hi to you all.


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Guest Omicron

Good to hear =) I've got a stash all prepared, sitting on my bedroom floor. I've been meaning to go out and plant it somewhere, but I've been doing a lot of degree confluence hunting these past couple of weeks. And all the spots where the confluences have been are either on private property, or way too easy to find.


This weekend some friends and I are going camping, so I'm going to take the time while were out there to find a good spot and bury the sucker =) I'll have to be sure that we leave tracks leading all over the place, so that it's not too easy to find in the snow. And if we don't go camping, I'm still taking the time to go stash one. I look forward to seeing more and more pop up around here!

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I planted two today, both within Indiana Dunes St. Park. Both should be fairly simple.


Geocaching.com hasn't listed them yet, but Indiana now has an asterisk by it (Indiana*) on the front page.

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