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Cannot upload picture?


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Has anyone have problems uploading pictures to your own Trackable lately?


The problem is, trying to upload a picture to use, after selecting the picture file on my Mac, and entering the name, I press "Upload", but it fails and give a "500 - Server Error" message.

Something wrong with the server after a major update/upgrade yesterday?


My system is Mac OS X 10.9.2 with Safari 7.0.3, both the latest.

I have tried other web browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome, but get the same error message.


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Domo again!




Never mind, as it seems like the system does not like certain characters within the file name, and refuses to upload it, giving the error message.

I changed the names on the files themselves, upload them, then went to edit & retype the names on screen, and all good now.

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