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[FEATURE] Geocache Proximities With Right Click On Map

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Hi all,


for when you are scouting the map area looking for possible places to locate a geocache. Like when you right click on Google maps to get the co-ords, which you then have to go to the query page with cutting and pasting a few times; it would be useful with a right click on the Geocaching map to see the proximity of other local caches so you know if it's a viable location, like when you do a "find caches near these co-ords" query.


I know this wouldn't work for the secret locations of physical stages or mystery caches.

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J Grouchy: that's awesome! Thanks. Can you get to this through the navigation bar? Can't seem to find a way.


Release Notes - February 25, 2014



Hiding a geocache is now less of a game of hide, seek and potentially re-hide. There’s a new map to help hiders find likely locations to place geocaches. The map shows a radius around the known locations of traditional geocaches and physical and visible waypoints without revealing their exact location. Hidden waypoints and some additional information are not shown. Geocaches are still reviewed by geocaching community volunteers before they’re published.




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