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New Maps Online

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The new maps are online. However, we've noticed that occasionally the placenames disappear and reappear. We'll be contacting the map server company to check on this.


The maps generate on a schedule, so occasionally you'll notice that cache listings listed won't show up on the map for a few hours. The same goes for user finds (in premium member mode) if you log a cache for the day. It can take up to a day for your checkmark to show up for a cache log.


Otherwise, the map can be accessed by clicking on [map] for any search by zipcode or waypoint, or on any cache listing under the map section.


Unfortunately the first version of the maps will not contain detailed data outside the US. The problem is both $$ and well, actually just money. The US is unusual as street level data can come by inexpensively, but other countries charge a premium for their data. Hopefully as we grow, so too can our map data.


I hope you enjoy the new maps. If you have any suggestions, please submit them in the Geocaching.com discussion forum.


smile.gif Jeremy Irish

Groundspeak - The Language of Location™

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