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Anyone interested in teaming up on an "Exchange" cache?

J Grouchy
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How about we just do a log signature exchange. No need to litter the countryside with more caches. Find someone in another country and have them sign your name to a few caches, taking photos of your sig on the log. You do the same for them in your area.

If you want to feel better about the armchairyness of it all, call each other while on the search. It will be just like you were there. :ph34r:


I dunno...I think I'm being pretty clear in what I would expect and it's not all that complicated or open to abuse. As per guidelines and as it is with every other cache I encounter, a physical log signature is required to count the find. What's so hard about that? It's not rocket science and you are confusing the issue with your "armchair" comments. It's just another cache that just so happens to require a partner in another geographic location to provide information to a partner in order to find the cache....OR, they could just partner with themself and find the information in both places, necessitating travel to both locations. Why are you making it sound like people are going to cheat? The one example I gave doesn't have any "armchair logs" that I can tell.

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Again, if you are interested in finding a partner cacher to do an "exchange" cache, please send me a PM through the forums (or my profile)


Right now I have:

J Grouchy: Atlanta, GA, USA

NeverSummer: Homer or Anchor Point, AK, USA

GopherGreg: Ottawa, Ont., Canada

Cankid: Canberra, ACT, Australia

Yorkshire Yellow: Stroud, UK

coman123: Kingston, Ont., Canada

sarahmur: Wicklow, Ireland

bumpkins35: Pleasant Valley, CA, USA\

jakeyuma: Yuma, AZ, USA


I can keep posting updates in this fashion if people like. Please provide me clear location information for your proposed cache site (i.e. City, State, Country) so that others can see where you are hoping to set up the partner cache location.


Edit to update list

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We have a hi-tech version of an exchange cache - though it's temporarily disabled right now while the UK side moves house.

The brainchild of r10n






Team K1W1


We did this cache and it was AWESOME! We were there with GeoGasHead, who was the first cacher to find both caches. :D


We have just completed this project as well: World Cache Canada. It requires a team of five cachers around the world. However, you don't sign for the whole team; you only sign for the cache you find in your own country.

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I could do something like this myself placing a cache in 2 different cities that I can easily get to, to do the maintance on. I am close enough to a small hand full of states within an hours drive that it would be easy enough to spread it out enough to better fit the proposed idea in this thread. I think I need to start working on this.

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Another variation: What if there was a traditional and a mystery cache (without given coordinates) in each location, and the traditional had the clues to find the mystery cache in the other city. You only claim the ones you actually physically sign, but in order to find the mystery cache in your city, you'd have to team up with someone in the other place who had the clue from the traditional in that city.


For instance have a traditional cache in Greenville, SC, and it has clues to a mystery cache in Greeneville, TN, while a traditional cache in Greeneville, TN has clues to a mystery cache in Greenville, SC.


- By yourself you can find the traditional in your city and get 1 smiley.

- By teaming up with a cacher in the other city, you can each get 2 smileys.

- By travelling to the other city yourself, you can get 4 smileys.


Of course Greenville, SC and Greenville, TN (and Greenville, NC for that matter) are all fairly close, but for further apart places like Rome, GA and Rome, Italy, travel between the two is somewhat limiting.

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