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Strange behaviour of a trackable on the website


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About a week ago I organized an event in our city (New Year Geocaching Event in Moscow, http://coord.info/GC4V28W). Today I loaded the event's listing to find out if there are any folks who haven't marked it as attended. I was surprised to see a lone trackable in the inventory because I clearly remembered there were no trackables anymore there a couple of days before. It's called "only for outlaws" (http://coord.info/TB1T47E)


I checked this page and found that the last person who took the trackable in his hands was not among the attendees of this event. The event is not shown in the trackables' history. Same with the map.


So, it looks like the trackable was doing its way but suddenly appeared as being put into the inventory of an event which it has no relation to. Is this a bug of the website?

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No, there's no website bug.


The "last person who had the trackable in his hands" logged an "attended" log on your event cache. At the time of that "attended" log, he had many trackables "visit" your event, and he dropped off that one trackable on your event page. He then deleted his "attended" log.

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Someone also deleted the "drop" log on the TB page, that deletion had to be the by cacher or the TB owner, most likely the cacher.

Deleting logs does NOT alter the TB action.


You can contact him, and ask him to grab the trackable out of your event - I'm assuming he still has it, and so has the number to make the grab.


Or just mark it missing and hope the cacher acts on his own, or that the TB owner thinks to ask the cacher about it.

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