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garmin 62s screen display; same as basecamp?

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hi there.. new to the forum.. so hello!


I have a 62s that i have owned for a year or so, and am trying to 'customize' it. not sure if this is possible but here goes: when i have the garmin basecamp program up on my laptop, and my 'internal storage' selected, the map view in basecamp is very high contrast and uncluttered, and the trails are very visible in red (on a white background) and individually labeled. can i make my 62s screen look like that? I would like to be able to see trails, where i am on the trail, etc, using the 62s. it would be cool if i could toggle between the topo view and this 'trails only' view on basecamp, and /or overlay the two views.


thanks in advance...

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Okay- I figured it out so here it is for others who may have the same issue-


On basecamp, I clicked 'Maps' and saw that I was viewing "Northwest trails". I then clicked 'Maps/install maps' and it prompted me to install "Northwest trails" on device. I installed it to the SD that already had the topo on it. Then it was automatically overlayed on the 62s, and I can disable/enable "Northwest trails" and "topo" to get the view I want. Works great!


Now I am wondering where the "Northwest trails" map came from on basecamp... How do I find trail maps for other geographical ares?

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Northwest Trails came from Switchback.com or GPS File Depot and you or someone else had to download it and install to your computer......which is exactly the explanation I described.


You'll find the answer to your second question in the same place where you found the map that was the basis of the problem that resulted in your first question.

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Sounds like you live in the northwest US. Northwest topo. California topo all show trails and are free from gps file depot. Garmins National parks west also. Topo USA AND CANADA ,no. Here in BC where I live I use Backroads map chip, their BCv4 is very good, has terrain shading and shows actual trails and tracks, snowmobile and ATV routes, people have submitted. Northwest topo is actually better than Garmins National Parks West in my opinion. Sounds like you already know this, but in basecamp you must select each map product individually and on your Garmin each map product has a hierarchy as to which one is displayed, and so to get the one you want to show you just turn off one or more of the others if needed. Its good to have a few map products as some show things others dont.

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